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Since 1975, SAFE has always been randomly present in the Oil & Gas field with its proprietary design and production compressors, responding to specific requests with tailored and optimized solutions.

In February 2007, in the aim to sistematically enter the Oil & Gas market, SAFE started an agreement with GE Oil & Gas Nuovo Pignone to packagize, sell worldwide, and service GE’s High Speed Reciprocating Compressors (“GE HSR compressors”, formerly branded as Gemini).
That has allowed SAFE to dramatically expand its proposal range (up to 5000 kW absorbed power per single compressor), and consequently to cover to the maximum extent the Oil & Gas applications.

Presently SAFE has an Oil & Gas product portfolio which ranges from few kW to 5000 kW absorbed power.
For small absorbed power applications SAFE proprietary design and production compressors are used, while GE HSR compressors, designed according to API 11P, are applied in high-power, heavy duty applications.
GE HSR compressors are the machine of choice for natural gas applications – from field gas gathering to fuel gas boosting to gas storage.
Such compressors also provide solutions for refinery, petrochemical, and offshore applications. Their unmatched flexibility ensures the right fit for every application now and for changing application conditions. Oil & Gas Compressors can be offered in both electric motor and gas engine driven configuration.


  • horizontal balanced-opposed design in two, four or six throws with a wide range of cylinder arrangements
  • lubrified cylinders and packings
  • crankshaft in one-piece forged-steel design, with integral counterweights and balanced for smooth operation
  • gas or liquid cooled cylinders
  • field replaceable liners
  • tailored cylinder valves
  • lube oil pump driven directly by the compressor crankshaft
  • large variety of frames and cylinders for unmatched flexibility
  • speed up 1800 RPM
  • design according to API 11P