Mobile Station


When the need arises to refill vehicles daily in various strategic areas, or to evaluate possible uses of CNG stations in various geographic areas, the ideal solution with minimum investment costs is the mobile station.


SAFE goal is designs and manufactures compact stations suitable for installation on trucks completely independent from external resources such as electric power. Therefore, thanks to the SAFE mobile stations, it is possible to stop the truck in any area to refuel vehicles with CNG.


SAFE offers two types of mobile stations driven by gas engine:

  • small flow-rate using a compact hydraulic compressor equipped with 1 or 2 refilling hoses.
  • medium/high flow-rate with mechanical compressor

Both solutions include:

  • skid in customized metallic enclosure to reduce the overall dimensions
  • assembly of all accessories for the operation and safety of the compressor unit
  • one or two filling points equipped with display and mass flow meters


The SAFE provides turnkey solutions manufacturing (on demand) the storage divided into 3 banks equipped with priority and safety panel. This storage is installed in a suitable metallic enclosure placed next to the compressoion unit.