B series Hydraulics Compressor

B Series Compressor

The “B” series compressor, thanks to hydraulic pumping elements, is suitable to work with a very wide range of suction pressure without pressure regulation valve.
Therefore it is particularly indicated for trailer unloading at daughter stations (booster).
Thanks to a compact design it is suitable to be installed on the trailer thus getting a mobile station.


  • Suction pressure: 20 ÷ 250 bar
  • Discharge pressure: 300 bar
  • Installed power: 15 ÷ 75 KW
  • N° cylinders / N° stages: 2 / 2
  • Absence of oil consumption
  • Negligible scheduled maintenance requirements
  • Air water cooling system
  • Driven by electric motor or gas engine for mobile station
  • High reliability
  • Absence vibrations
  • Very easy maintenance