Compressor Enclosure


Acoustic metallic enclosure “Microbox”

SAFE standard compressor enclosure:

    • Heavy duty corrugated steel enclosure walls
    • Heavy duty personnel access door with safety emergency exit bar
    • Internal noise insulation with foam covering (noise level 75 dBA at 3m from enclosure)
    • Indoor space allowing personnel protection from outdoor weather during maintenance works
    • Indoor space allowing compressor skid removal
    • Explosion proof overhead lighting
    • Enclosure painted with single primer and double enamel paint coating
    • The enclosure may include on demand the following accessories:
      • gas detection system
      • air extractor
      • ex explosion proof lighting plant with ex switch

Optional Features:

  • Electrical control panel cabin complete with factory assembled interconnection wiring and compressor electrical control panel for minimization of field electrical interconnection works.
  • Storage cascade cabin with lockable doors complete with factory assembled fittings and connections for minimization of field piping interconnection works.
  • Noise insulation up to 65 dBA at 1 metre distance
  • Gas leak detection system equipped with vent fan control and automatic shutdown
  • Enclosure heaters and additional insulation for installation in very cold climate conditions
  • Paved floor with rubber floor mat slippery protection


SAFE also manufactures economy enclosures for smaller compressor packages and customized enclosures in accordance with customer requirements.