Compressor S series

S Series Compressor



“S” compressors are suitable for public filling stations and private fleet filling stations characterized by low daily gas sales and low suction pressures with minimum investment costs.


These compressors are specifically designed for typical requirements of European filling stations, where the main market requirement is the availability of a network of filling stations geographically distributed on the territory.



  • Suction pressure: 0,5 ÷ 8 bar
  • Discharge pressure: 250 bar
  • Installed power: 22 ÷ 90 KW
  • N° cylinders / N° stages: 4 / 4
  • Blow-down system
  • Air water cooling system
  • Driven by electric motor
  • No gas leaks
  • Minimized operating and maintenance cost
  • Minimized vibrations
  • Easy maintenance