Daughter Stations

Daughter station

To ensure the supply of natural gas vehicles in the geographical areas in which the pipeline is not present, it is necessary to realize a network of CNG refueling stations powered by mobile trailers called “daughters”.


In order to satisfy this need, SAFE has developed two types of booster compressors ( hydraulic and mechanical ) such as to entrain the gas directly from the CNG trailer with performances that meet all the capacity needs.



  • Wide range of suction pressures : from 250 to 10 bar
  • Maximum efficiency by optimizing
      • CNG trailer emptying
      • the management of the compressed gas through a priority panel complete with recompression.
  • High Reliability
  • Driven by electric motor or gas engine
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Reduced costs


SAFE designs and manufactures turnkey solutions with the possibility of installation in metal containers transportable referred to as ” all-in -one”.
These containers include both the compressor unit equipped with all the accessories both the dispensing unit, making fast and easy transferring the station from an area to another, depending on the needs of CNG.