Safe Dispenser

As all SAFE products, the dispensers are designed and built to operate continuously at peak capacity, while maintaining the highest levels of safety, reliability and accuracy.
ESP and mobile series are equipped with electronic head and mass meter that measures the mass of gas independently by the data of pressure, temperature and density.
ESV series is suitable for private fleets or where it requires of easy and cheap filling point without mass meter.


SAFE’s dispenser product range covers all types of vehicles’ refueling:

  • Public station
  • Mother station for trailers’ refuellings
  • Daughter station for cars’ and buses’ refuellings
  • Private fleets or dedicated vehicles such as forklifts and similar
  • Mobile station on trailer


  • Single, double or quad hose configuration
  • Mass meter precision +/- 0,5%
  • Single, double and triple line versions
  • Break away valves
  • High flow versions up to 100kg/min


  • Temperature compensation
  • Stainless steel frame
  • Interface for remote sales data collection
  • Main comunication protocols available
  • Multiproduct technology