Oil & Gas


Since its foundation SAFE has been transferring its process knowledge and mechanical expertises to equipment destined to Oil & Gas applications. That has allowed SAFE to provide, during the time, equipment suitable for a large variety of applications, from gas recompression at wells to gas turbine feeding, to underground storage and many others.



  • heavy-duty design
  • performance flexibility
  • applicability to different design standards
  • suitability to various services
  • sound and sturdy construction
  • high reliability and availability
  • low operational costs
  • low Life Cycle Costs (LCC)
  • easy and cheap maintenance operations

Such characteristics can all be found in all SAFE packages, either equipped with proprietary design machines, or with GE HSR Compressors.


Application fields of SAFE compression packages:

  • Underground gas storage
  • Fuel gas compression
  • Gas gathering
  • Gas flaring shut-down
  • Wellhead
  • Gas recovery