Private Fleets Station


The cost of traditional fuels (gasoline and diesel), becoming higher day by day, makes the purchase or the conversion of vehicles to the CNG usage progressively more convenient.


There are certain civil or industrial organizations (municipalities, waste collection companies, logistic and material handling centers or even simple private companies) that, basing on the number of the owned vehicles and yearly mileage, have high convenience to purchase CNG vehicles.

These same organizations may also find convenient to have at their disposal CNG refuelling plants inside their company, in order not to be dependent on public refuelling stations that impose opening hours, distances and refuelling times often not compatible with the economical management of personnel and fleet.

SAFE is in a position to propose tailored solutions for the installation of private CNG refuelling plants to civil and industrial users that want to convert their vehicles fleet to the usage of this type of fuel, in order to minimize their management costs.